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tv   [untitled]    January 6, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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if. you dig. dig. dig dig dig.
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dig dig. all. he's filled with joy. with. inspiring people confuse you. good with everything really good. it feels to see. it all became evidence in the trial counter-revolutionary activity. the evidence which condemned to labor. on t.v. . in the. house bill and.
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the. country house. the bull. the crimean defeat. the oil the. deep hundreds of russian far east. the border group of. breaking. in the. us republican control of congress from democrats. to the president bush's agenda through capitol hill.
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with. could be on the rise i'll have one that in our business program in about twenty minutes time. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow an ice breaker has begun his mission to free three ships on hundreds of people trapped in freezing waters off russia's a far east coast two vessels were reached yesterday but three more are still stuck with rescuers being hampered by tough weather specialists say they don't know how long it will take to set them free. brings us the latest on the current rescue mission. the admiral marker of has actually reached day three vessels that remain
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locked in the ice that's now working to break up the ice around the ships and it's going to be deciding which all to be with me think the vessel from that area and so that's what's happening right now we know that also a little earlier a third ice breaker was dispatched to join the team to do this is really a backup option is on his way to that area but it would take about three days for it to get there so obviously with the icebreaker already working at the moment it's hoped that that will be able to free the ship so reasonably quickly they are being played down by the extreme conditions and there's a further weather warning so they're going to really want to complete this rescue mission as soon as possible we've heard it really is down to these extreme conditions the temperature has been as low as minus seventeen is good it could plunge even lower they've had go fools winds and incredibly thick ice in that area so the ice breakers in cells have really had quite a struggle to get three to these vessels now we know that the three ships that are
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still trying to cool down for help at the end of last week and the two ice breakers the marker of the and the gadget with a splash to help now the smaller this icebreaker it's only gotten actually itself and getting socked in the ice in a quite assistance from the large icebreaker that girl. at the time that the initial. hope that the country's transport ministry actually issued a warning to other ships about these conditions but we saw that despite that a number of other ships did get shot at the beginning of this week so the icebreaker has been working on days first of all they managed to free to and of course now working with the three at the most that we've heard from the fishes just how harsh these conditions really are. in the region which in places. beyond the river is through freshwater. it's freezing the vessels are in constant motion so as not to let the ice form around
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how the situation is being worsened by the. we know area very clear with a round it but of course the extreme conditions have meant that it's even worse and of course the cream and this is. going to be extremely anxious to get this rescue operation completed and get the ships very creative that. they're ok they certainly got enough. of them running out the supplies they obviously spent a year aboard the ship. but they're in that they're in good spirits they will look completely aka they went in any danger but of course they've been there for a week now so there's going to have been pretty please to stay in the arrival of the out and they're going to be one thing as. the rescue operations be completed.
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reporting on the way here on our city paved with bin bags find out why you so rubbish become a dumping ground for the city that's coming your way in just a few months. barack obama's two year winning streak has come to an end on capitol hill a new u.s. congress has been sworn in and the republicans now hold an overwhelming majority for the president's party in the house of representatives biggest split with the democrats outnumbered by forty nine seats barely clinging on to the senate with just a majority of. the change in power follows the results of november's midterm election of the republicans trying to sink several of obama's policies since then including a nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia which was eventually ratified by the senate late last month professor edmund ghareeb warns the treaty could still cause . under fire on capitol hill. there is no doubt the. assumption of
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the republicans of power in the house of representatives is going to complicate life for the administration there's no doubt that the new congress is going to try to do. a number of. laws and the policies of the administration one of them of course was going to be on the effort to basically change health care. some may want to change the old start agreement but i think it's going to be very difficult for them to do so primarily because you still have the senate and the senate although there are fewer democrats democrats continue to hold the majority there and even if. that's unlikely both the senate and the house agree to take such stands to derail the president's plans i think we the president still has the veto authority so that's going to make it
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next to impossible to bring to change the law and that was professor edmund ghareeb from the american university in washington d.c. well usually famed for its shopping cutting edge fashion and love of big business something's smelling a bit off in new york residents are starting complain to complain about mountains of waste being left on many street corners of the big apple. dives headfirst into the reality of a city sky high in rubbish. you're standing next to a pile of garbage taller than yourself how does that make you feel. while the world marks the new year one thing marking new york are melton's of garbage. striking a huge blow to the city's traditionally glamorous image you can't even cause the street with a baby carriage to hold the people cannot even want to discuss. anthony is a mailman his job takes twice the time these days sadly he notes his salary has not
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doubled that makes maher work. in one instance however the mounds of garbage tragedy as one new york. unsuccessful this weekend want to jump out of the window did not turn fatal due to an unexpected software into piles one of thousands filling many of the almost six thousand miles of new york city streets the average american is said to produce fifty tons of garbage in a lifetime new york city has reportedly accumulated as much as fifty thousand tons of garbage in just one week just because we're in a financial recession that we're in a more recession but it will world recession is exactly what the trash invasion has turned the big apple and while some officials have created themselves a plus for handling the situation. outraged terry. gross it's.
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taxes. as an economic crisis leads to budget cuts that lead to boycotts in the sanitation department that lead to all this garbage out on the street it may be time to ask how soon before the big juicy apple turns rotten and. new york. well you all with stay with us and we have plenty more stories ahead for you. to develop. but anyone. with a modern technology i'm sure. we explore the world of the siberian. the west bank city of ramallah is naming its streets part of a regeneration scheme started two years ago so markets hundredth anniversary but
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some of the titles are causing controversy after being named after people involved in planning suicide bombings and reports it's being seen by some as a sign of growing extremism. in palestinian ramallah they're naming their streets to celebrate the city's one hundredth birthday this is and right for this isn't the norm where they are imaginary casing your way around here with no street signs to help well until two years ago that was the case in that one bar there were normal numbers for houses and lives for the sticks but now yasser arafat gets a street as does a neighborhood that used to exist in arab jeff and the one nine hundred thirty s. the neighborhoods long since disappeared and the streets a call for palestinian refugees to return to israel the criteria are simple
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palestinian heroes places and ideas supported by the people read on this issue here it really is a topic or a thread there or. if anything the opposite members of both groups are glorified which might surprise those who think palestine is most modern city would shy away from praising her master warts like this main thoroughfare named after chief a mass bomb maker yahia yash dubbed the engineer for three years he was the most wanted man by israel for his part in suicide bombings that killed ninety israelis until he himself was eliminated. and this martyr was killed by the israeli internal security service after they tricked a friend of his into giving him a cell phone that was booby trapped fourteen years on his family is as proud as ever and a lot of i'm very pleased even in drugs in streets after my son is in my heart and
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i miss him his the hero fellas trying. but not all street names are palestinian rachel corrie was an american activist who was killed by an israeli bulldozer during a demonstration in gaza in two thousand and three the decision to name this busy. to ramallah after her was unanimous rachel was part of the international solidarity movement a group israelis charged aids her masts and other palestinian extremist groups the people in the west bank for the with the way that they have been doing the past fifteen years. eager to try something polls show him ask growing in popularity in the west bank as talks between rival palestinian faction fatter and israel did luck hamas is changing trying to speak with. the language of the. distance and as the new street signs go up in ramallah it's becoming more and more clear a mass is also speaking in the language of palestinians here understand policy r
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t ramallah. i want us now are just turning thirteen minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you are with. some other stories now making headlines around the world this hour u.s. president has found a series of cost cutting decisions helped to cause the b.p. oil spill one of the worst environmental disasters in history the report concluded bad management led to a failure in safety procedures an explosion in the gulf of mexico killed eleven workers and caused millions of gallons of oil to leak into the ocean until it was kept in july be. concluded many factors were to blame including the involvement of several companies. and police in turkey have arrested a would be hijacker after he was overpowered by passengers on a flight from oslo to. it's believed. when he tried to force his way into the cockpit and demanded the jet return to norway police say the bomb was found to be.
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carrying about fifty nine people. and north korea is calling for unconditional talks with the south to allay fears of conflict on the peninsula seoul house dismissed the offer as insincere. shelling of a south korean island which killed four people in the north. in response to south korean military exercises in the area. the united nations peacekeeping chief says he wants up to two thousand additional troops to bolster the u.n. force in ivory coast. hopes the soldiers will be available in just a few weeks meantime other troops have been protecting a hotel that is sheltering. the man who is widely recognized as the winner of the november election. remains around the building despite a west african envoys reporting. incumbent leader had agreed to lift it. now
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you might not think of it as a fertile ground but ukraine is planning to start developing parts of the contaminated china noble zone but agriculture scientists believe that plants and crops there are immune to the radiation caused by the nuclear disaster twenty five years ago but as artie's alexy reports shoot outs remain over safety issues these berries may look ripe and delicious but they're definitely not part of a healthy diet the bush is inside a thirty kilometer chernobyl exclusion zone in ukraine and radiation levels are off the scale people do not live here anymore but same cannot be said about flora and fauna some say it is the absence of anthropogenic harm in the church nor will exclusion zone which made nature develop here rapidly after the one nine hundred eighty six fallout in chernobyl the environment suffered badly one strip of forest was burned by radiation and turned red people left the area but mother
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nature stepped in now chernobyl is home to many species of wild animals and rare plants scientists from slovakia studying most in the area made an incredible discovery a lot of the plant life is immune to radiation. we still don't understand how it's possible plans to grow. at the very beginning of the earth when life start to. activity on the surface. level up. somehow. how much problem and the millions of hectares of land were left contaminated a quarter of a century on kiev has decided that this soil no longer poses any threat to humans in march twentieth. will launch a plan to get things growing again. we will
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establish what parts of the contaminated areas could be used for agricultural needs there is a possibility that cultural products will be there when we have so much unoccupied land why not use it. those well familiar with chernobyl like the idea. that half a million people work to clean this land of radioactivity now we're being told this is dead land this is not true just look at nature's riches and the exclusions if you were however there are those who worried about what could end up on the dinner table critics fear ukrainian and russian markets could be flooded with radioactive agricultural products and there are legal hurdles. ukraine has a law regulating any activities in the exclusion zone it says no agricultural product can be drawn on this land and for now experts you know possibility of this law to be changed. the dominant view remains that the nearest save zones from the
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blonde are still hundreds of kilometers away in northern ukraine and some parts of belarus the dead zone and is still deemed too dangerous despite some optimists but the fact is radiation can stick around for anything up to twenty four thousand years. see reporting from chernobyl ukraine you can always check out our website for the stories we're covering much much more somewhat you'll find it right now. the story behind. you have to be. the.
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good harvest times where in charge of almost all aspects of life now in russia's far east they are still very important people but there are only a few left. want to see how they adapt to modern times and keep old traditions alive. from the ceremonial rhythm of the drama. to ancient rituals and traditions. the belief in the power of the shaman is very much a part of the cuttin way of life to put it there so that our ancestors always had a very powerful shaman around the law to protected them gave them blessings and ensured security and safety in all circumstances and every day life at a hand on
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a journey and a tool. a showman is someone who acts as an intermediary between the spiritual and earthly worlds relying heavily on nature to get his message across when russian orthodox christianity moved eastward and then later with the soviet union shamanism was banned those that practiced the faith were persecuted now there are only three recognized shaman living in all of us want to live. by help people find faith in the fact that their wishes will be fulfilled their family relations in conflicts at work will be fixed when a person has this faith he can do anything i live in a time of crisis and my mission is to help people in this troublesome time every shonen has his own mission. to help certain posts with the engine symbols of the sharman adorning them standing right next to power lines from the modern world there's a contrast between the modern technology and age and mysticism is
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a problem for the sherman. real shamans live far away from big cities and small villages because contemporary cities with computers cars cell phones and the constant russian distract from the true unity with nature and the spirits i myself am from a far northern region she ganske lucy trying to make the best of it all life is a delicate balancing act for the cuttin people. they probably are an interesting people when we're in trouble we do three different things at the same time we turn to shame. we pray you know church and we make use of modern medicine a unique way of keeping a tradition that has been part of your couture for centuries. and maybe some protect what it created this spiral in the middle is a symbol of maybe the warmth of the fire in your name protects you and me your three spirits be united the spirit of the spirits of man and the spirits of you.
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in your quit you know sean thomas hearty well now to russia has stunned canada to become world champions in junior hockey kind of begun the tournament as an underdog having lost many of its players to the international stage russia was also not among the favorites to win having lost its first two games but it was those to win the final and what a game it was kind of scored their first three goals but in the last twenty minutes russia came out fighting five to three the final score and for more sports check out our bulletin that's coming away later this hour and i'll be back with the headlines at half past the hour next is the business news with sharon. hello welcome to our business program i'm sure. the food and agricultural organization has warned that the world is facing a food price shock this comes after f.a.r.'s benchmark index of agricultural
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commodity prices shot up to a nominal record last month surpassing the levels of the two thousand and seven eight food crisis the serves in the food index is based on rising costs for corn sugar vegetable oil and meat the situation has been made worse by inflation increasing economic challenge in developing countries including china and india however the f a o and food aid agencies are drawing come first from relatively stable prices for rice one of the most important agricultural commodities for global food security. and russia is the leading export or of energy resources but also one of the most energy efficient economies in the world but both state and commercial businesses have lotteries ational projects in the pipeline in a bid to improve the country's competitiveness artie's column bray has the story. every year russia wastes enough energy to power the french economy but now the kremlin hopes it can turn industry from leaking losses into
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a green money making machine to get it started the government's approved a three hundred billion dollar energy efficiency program to trim the fat from factories and buildings inherited from soviet times is played something new fifty one the leaders in terms of efficiency our industrial giants transport and housing utilities many industrial sectors of the economy are two and a half times less efficient than their european peers the room for improvement is huge. it is the biggest oil and gas producer on the planet the people of russia enjoy cheap energy with prices set by the state but those low domestic coasts drain the desire to conserve fuel there is no other remedy to another g. efficiency apart from letting the consumers be the real economic price for the energy they are consuming president medvedev aims to slash wastefulness by forty percent over the next decade initiatives range from phasing out incandescent light bulbs to state backing for billionaire michelle prokhorov project to build an
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inexpensive hybrid car in southern russia but there's still a long way to go for the last twenty years we've been reducing energy consumption g.d.p. by roughly three to five percent but you know a lot of other countries move much much faster down this road and. right now you know energy inefficiencies are everywhere it's public buildings. budget consumers electricity gas flaring etc it's tremendous being ecofriendly goes hand in hand with energy efficiency. recently russia's natural resources ministry drafted a bill to make factories recycled materials three currently throw away by selling them to biofuel right now russia uses twice as much energy than china uses to produce the same amount of goods and russian companies are struggling to learn how going clean could bring in the green calling break.
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let's take a quick look at the markets in russia the bosses are closed till the eleventh of january for the russian new year holiday break here pm markets as following the gains on wall street and a strong trading session for japanese shares rose to a seven month high after the u.s. panel investigating the gulf of mexico oil spill said albertan and trans ocean work partly to blame. russia's inflation in two thousand and ten grew eight point seven percent that's according to pull an airy data of the federal statistics service the figure fail to meet the government's seven point five percent target and almost equaled the previous year's inflation in a bid to curb price growth in two thousand and eleven experts believe a refinance rate hike is in the cards. reports. russia's central bank account interest rates on four consecutive occasions in two thousand and ten to seven point seven to five per sound to help spur
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a landing after the financial crisis however easy money if huge inflation which has risen above target and currently stands that's more than eight per cent central bank has to react in order to keep a lid on inflationary pressures that's one of the major most important mandates of the central bank so i think it's also a very important signal that inflation is very important for the central bank a signal that is very important to all of the economic agency thank you her refinance rate may boost carry trades with investors cashing in on high interest rates in russia compared to the rest of the world but analysts say central banks monetary policy is hard to predict which is helping to maim and hold money you have different assessments which makes it a little bit harder to follow policy makes i think the central bank here. has created kind of a deliberate in.


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